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7 Time-Management Secrets That Will Help Moms Balance Work-Life - Our Passionworks

Not only that, it seems like we are privy to information overload though in reality it is actually caused by our lack of priorities. We subconsciously seek others approval by not refusing even if we already have so much on our plates. It can be hard to do!

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In order to reduce our commitments, we need to learn to let go of what others think about us and instead focus on our priorities and families. One of the most important and probably most neglected aspects of creating work-life balance especially for us moms! With communication the way it is today, professional and personal lives can easily blur if appropriate actions are not taken.

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This prevents you from being fully present when you are at home with you kids… if you are awaiting a phone call from work and you turn down your children when they want to play with you. Use time efficiently. And actually get things done. The more you use these, the more you will get done on what really matters.

15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management

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  7. For example, twenty percent of the products will have eighty percent of the flaws. This article explains the rule in more detail and tells how you can use it to more effectively manage time and many different aspects of your life. You can save time by knowing when to step in and when to hang back if an employee has a problem. Managers need to let employees make their own mistakes so they can learn from them.

    7 Time-Management Secrets That Will Help Moms Balance Work-Life

    We can train them and advise them, but actual experience is often the best teacher. A good manager, therefore, will hang back and resist the impulse to jump in every time an employee encounters difficulty.