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Switch!: The Lost Kingdoms of Karibu

The Tyrant's Tomb Trials of Apollo. Madame Badobedah. Dragon Keeper Dragonkeeper Series : Book 1. She could have sworn she had glimpsed a movement out the corner of her eye, almost as if something was creeping up on her. Then she smiled and shook her head. Predators living in the forest had the sense to hunt in the rift valley below the escarpment, rather than eat anyone who had access to the magic in the water up here on the plateau.

The more magic a creature ingested the more bitter they tasted, and if one magic creature ate another, the consequences could be most disturbing. Gogo Maya snorted. It would be pretty disturbing if anyone ate her; over the years she had ingested a lot of magic. It was unlikely that anyone would have ventured up from the valley either.

The disgraceful Almohad saw to that by spreading spine-chilling rumours about dark happenings in the forest to keep the valley tribes away from the magic.

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If anyone was heroic enough to come looking for it, the Almohad promptly captured them, fulfilling some of those dark prophecies. She let her breath out softly, and bent down once more to dig, but spun around moments later to confront the sound of a soft plop. The branches on the one side of a giant red mango tree on the edge of the clearing snapped up, then gently settled into place again, leaving an enormous mango on the ground. In the uneasy silence that followed, she wondered if she should abandon her foraging and go back to her village, but she had come a long way, and if she hurried, she had just enough time to dig one last mbogo root out of the ground before the storm broke.

Gripping her nose firmly between thumb and forefinger to block the pungent smell, Gogo Maya brushed a misshapen bloom aside and steeled herself to dig up a root from underneath. The roots were diabolically vile, but she needed them to enhance her magic.

A cloud of mosquitoes took to the air, disturbed by the movement. She whirled around to face him, shaking her trowel at him, but as fearsome as her grimace was, it did not frighten him into revealing himself. Sighing heavily, she stood up, hefted her root basket onto her hip, picked her way out of the mbogo patch, and strode down the trail with as much haughtiness as she could muster.

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She would not give him the satisfaction of seeing her look over her shoulder. After a few steps she turned suddenly, her hands on her hips, elbows poking out defiantly, and glared down the path. What she should have done in the first place, she supposed, was lie down under a nice safe bush and search for his mind pattern. A quick glance at the thunderheads rolling in above told her she was already too late, so she turned back and walked on.

Gradually, a low hair-raising chant drifted towards her, turning into a war cry, and she spun around to confront Only, this nothing had left a wide path of flattened undergrowth in its wake. Gogo Maya lobbed her digging trowel in its general direction, hiked up handfuls of her voluminous black skirt, and in a frightful din of jangly bangles and ankle bracelets, took flight down the path, her long grey dreadlocks streaming out behind her. With a grunt she heaved herself up onto the trunk of a huge tree that lay fallen across the track and sat straddling it, scrambling to untangle her skirt that had snagged amongst the branches.

She thought momentarily of untying the garment and abandoning it, but the loss would be too great. Her life was in the pockets of that skirt. In the hope that her leopard familiar, Salih, was at least within hearing, she placed two shaky fingers into either side of her mouth, rolled her tongue back and blew, but her mouth was too dry to produce a whistle.

A phosphorescent flash lit up the forest, followed almost immediately by a clap of thunder.

Gogo Maya blinked and peered through the afterimage to see a scar of flattened grass snaking towards her. It came to rest before the fallen tree trunk and hesitated. Exchange Discount -Rs. Final Price Rs.

Switch!: The Lost Kingdoms of Karibu

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