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Never Too Late by Richard Goodman. The Case for Contests by Jacob M. Expanding the Scope by Dominic Preziosi. Confessions of a Cranky Lit-Mag Editor Part I by Peter Selgin Disclaimer: What follows is not offered as prescription; it is not meant to be objective, or reliable; it may not even be entirely sane. It claims only the authority of its prejudices.

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In other words, the author is a crank. But I am a crank of a special order. I am the cranky co-editor of a literary journal, and my cranky judgments may determine whether something you write gets published. Or not. On the baize seat beside me: a pile of submissions for Alimentum, a new literary journal devoted to writing about food, freshly yanked from P. For unlike the Hamlet-like Muhheakunnuk, when it comes to rendering verdicts on submissions, I have no trouble making up my mind.

In a word: style. Which brings me to my first confession: I am a style-snob. Let me give you an example.

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An innocent sentence. But it is, and with my expectations for his second-best foot reduced accordingly I read on with a frosty heart.

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    Sawdust Confessions: A Run in the Woods with ex-Sister Mary Agnes

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