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I used to be afraid of Turks. Currently the most successful church outreach to teenagers and college-aged Greeks is Orthodox. In Thessaloniki, the charismatic congregation Metamorphosis "Transfiguration" gathers to young Greeks for vibrant weekly worship services. Its youth group numbers 50 to It has suffered such persecution from the Greek Orthodox Church that it actually changed its name a few years ago--but it keeps defining itself as an "Orthodox community.

Nikos Katikaridis, a Metamorphosis worship leader--who also is an art professor at the Thessaloniki University and holds a master's in missiology from an Assemblies of God college in Great Britain--attends Orthodox Mass only occasionally, but he says it would be a mistake to go against the Orthodox Church. But Katikaridis' reasoning goes beyond pragmatism. He claims that there is a depth to orthodoxy that is lacking in most places. Even some of the current revivals, the missiologist believes, are "miles wide, but no more than an inch deep.

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Katikaridis believes that the rich, mystical symbolism of Orthodox liturgy, and its icons, will have a place in Greek churches in the future. Dimitrios Christidis, professor of ancient Greek literature at Thessaloniki University and a co-founder of Metamorphosis in , concedes that "much of the Orthodox symbolism has been blurred through time and has even been turned into idolatry in some places--but that is not the original idea. Christidis points out that "orthodoxy is closer to the charismatic than to the evangelical--its symbolism parallels the prophetic. Both Katikaridis and Christidis suggest pointing the Greek people toward the living roots of Orthodox faith rather than judging the ancient church's dead branches.

In the meantime, Protestant believers are preparing to reach as many Greeks as possible during the Olympic Games. Johnathan Macris' Hellenic Ministries will send evangelistic teams to 80 Greek islands. The U. The international Youth With A Mission ministry will send 3, young evangelists throughout the Olympic cities.

He believes there will be "great possibilities to present Jesus" during the Olympics. YWAM European Director Jeff Fountain says the summit is expected to be a chance "to compare [Greek thinking] with the biblical worldview" and "to seek the true God" through intercession and worship. Christians worldwide, he adds, "should not take lightly the profound influence of Greek thinking on global culture and the spiritual realities of our world. Greece--including most of its Protestant churches--are so deeply conservative that changing the norm is eyed with suspicion.

Orthodox Greece does not want change," says a missionary who chose not to be identified for security reasons. But the fastest-growing movement, though Pentecostal, is so conservative that it does not allow any [musical] instruments in church, and the women must wear scarves," he observes. I believe that legalism feels familiar to the Greek and is therefore attractive. Aspects of this deeply rooted conservatism have added an air of predictability to the society.

And in the churches the pastors tend to pull the strings," he points out. Greek Pentecostal pastors do not actively support Morgan's ministry even though they are good friends with him on a personal level. He believes God will use immigrants to stir the church in Greece. Most students at HTS are foreigners. Who are the ones preparing?

Psalm 37:4

The immigrants. Tomas Dixon is Charisma's European correspondent. Based in Sweden, he traveled to Greece in May to file this report.

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Exigence is the inherent pressure to do something about a situation immediately, with the action required depending on the situation. The audience are the listeners who the rhetor is attempting to persuade. Constraints are the external factors that challenges the rhetors ability to influence, such as the audience's personal beliefs and motivations. Additionally, factors such as cultural background, previous social experiences, and current mood, can influence the capacity to see and understand the correct and opportune moment of action.

Thus, the difficulty of using kairos in a modern rhetorical setting is understanding and working within its constraints, while also carefully considering unexpected situations and encounters that arise, in order to present one's rhetorical argument as naturally as possible.

There is no one word in today's English language that completely encompasses the definition of kairos, similar to that of Ethos , Logos , and Pathos. In his article "The Ethics of Argument: Rereading Kairos and Making Sense in a Timely Fashion," Michael Harker says, "Like the 'points' on the rhetorical triangle, the meaning of kairos is not definitive but rather a starting point for grasping the whole of an argument. Various components of kairos are included in modern composition and have made profound effects on modern composition theory.

Kairos' purpose in modern rhetoric is mostly focused on the placement of logos, pathos, and ethos.

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  6. Kairos is used as a "starting point" in modern rhetoric. Kelly Pender's article "'Kairos' and the Subject of Expressive Discourse" states the inclusion of kairos within discourse "would try to shift the focus of personal writing from the writer's experiences and emotions to a broader perspective that explicitly concentrates on the rhetorical situation In the New Testament , "kairos" means "the appointed time in the purpose of God," the time when God acts e.

    Mark : the kairos is fulfilled and the kingdom of God is at hand. Acts and In the context, they can go to Jerusalem any time they wish. For him, the kairoi are those crises in history see Christian existentialism which create an opportunity for, and indeed demand, an existential decision by the human subject - the coming of Christ being the prime example compare Karl Barth 's use of Geschichte as opposed to Historie.