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They continue on with Cruella as a teenager and it first seems her parents are actually home for Christmas and have got her a puppy, but it turns out to be cardboard cutouts of them, whilst they're vacationing on the Dalmatian Coast. Cruella seems to begin crying and when the ghost notices this, Cruella bluffs saying it's the smoke. Cruella is then visited by "the Ghost of Christmas Present" Rolly who is pigging out on Christmas treats.

After a couple of hours, Cruella insists they get to what the ghost wants to show. The ghost takes her to the Dearly Farm, which confuses Cruella, since it isn't her Christmas, but the ghost shows that thanks to her, it isn't Christmas for anyone.

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Cruella watches how since Anita lost her job, they're unable to pay for any of the gifts that they planned to give for Christmas, along with being unable to afford an operation let alone a leg brace to save Lucky's leg, which turned out to have "Pineypawitis". After Roger snarks how he won't be wishing Cruella a merry Christmas since she would probably charge them for the air they breathe, Cruella makes a memo to buy up Earth's atmosphere and charge user fee.

This angers the ghost, who also berates Cruella, telling her that Christmas is about giving and that she needs to think of others. Cruella is puzzled by this concept of "thinking of others" and asks the ghost what it means, but he tells her that his time's up and hopes the next spirit has better luck. Cruella is then visited by "the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come" Spot who shows her that all her possessions are being sold off by Swamp Rat.


Cruella asks what happened to her, and the ghost takes her to a pet cemetery, where Cruella sees she is buried there. As she breaks down, the ghost comments how she had a song and dance number for this, but the studio cut it. Cruella then realizes that this is a fate that will befall her unless she changes her ways.

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She begs the ghost to tell her whether she has a chance to change before she wakes up back at the House of De Vil, realizing that the experience was all a dream caused due to the tree falling on her. She asks some ice skaters outside what day it is and they tell her it's Christmas. Realizing it's not too late to change her ways, she vows to be the most loving and giving person on Earth. She tries to wake Horace and Jasper up, claiming they have shopping to do, but they comment that nothing is open on Christmas, except the House of De Vil. Cruella decides to improvise and starts by giving the skaters a photocopier, dropping it from the window into the ice below.

She then gives the fundraising Santa a bag full of money after making sure that it can be deductible and attempts to sing with the carolers, who are surprised and puzzled to see what she's doing. Cruella then drives off to the Dearly Farm turning some snowmen into snow angels as she crashes through them and she enters saying, "How dare you?

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When Anita asks what they're daring to do, Cruella responds by saying they're celebrating Christmas without her. She starts handing out her gifts such as a roll of cellophane tape to Nanny and a stapler to Roger, calling him by his proper name before she gives Anita a desk name plate for "Susan".

Cruella, realizing that she grabbed the wrong one, explains she meant to give Anita her own one, for she is giving Anita her job back throwing in Susan's desk too, for she's firing her tomorrow. She then gives the puppies a bunch of office supplies. Anita thanks Cruella for the gifts, but apologizes for not having a gift for her, since they didn't know she was coming. Cruella assures her that they have given her a Christmas that she has always been wishing for: one with puppies.

She starts to hug one, but as Roger warns her that it's Whizzer , Cruella is peed on. Cruella, however, comments, "God bless us, everyone.