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Yet this is also the principle we betray again and again. It is a betrayal that so discourages and defeats us that D.

Lloyd-Jones was convinced it was the ground of depression. If you are depressed, you may want to begin to explore this in prayer. In our betrayal of God we build a barrier that isolates us from him. We sin and then we avoid God because it allows us to postpone facing our failure until some of the pain has subsided. When Jesus comes to Peter after the resurrection, the pain has not yet subsided.

I didn't seek revenge, but the damage done to my faith in any human being has been forever shattered. Anything he would have tried to do to restore my trust would be in vain. It's been a slow dying process. I'm still in the hurting stage. I'm stymied at this point. TRUST is the big one - my situation was different but the outcome the same - loss of trust is very difficult to cope with and can damage you long term - If it is any help I never forgave and forgot my abuser but I did ACCEPT what had happened and slowly the weight has lifted.

Do aim to do something YOU want to do every day and make a note of your new found freedom to act from your own volition. Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Ph. Her latest book is The Search for Fulfillment. New research examines the core quality of borderline personality disorder. New research suggests the benefits of compassion for your health and happiness.

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